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Book a discovery call or email me and I will develop a session program to answer your questions, talk about how you want to manage your situation and generally support your choices. We help you remember your strength and find your solid ground through alcohol-free living so you can recover your balance and thrive. If you or someone you know needs help navigating the road to recovery in Los Angeles, New York, or Houston, get in touch with one of our confidential Admission Specialists. If you or someone you know needs help navigating the road to recovery, get in touch with one of our confidential intake specialists. Transcend Recovery Community provides many services for recovery.

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We believe the only true way to help an addict and an alcoholic is by receiving help from someone in recovery themselves. That is why all of our sober companions are fit to meet anyone where they are at in their recovery journey. They also meet with the client five Top 5 Tips to Consider When Choosing a Sober House for Living days a week face to face to provide better treatment. A sober coach is someone who helps individuals through the low spots of early recovery. Sober coaches do not live with individuals, but they do offer a multitude of services very similar to Sober Companions.

Get the Best as a Mental Health Provider Using Procentive

Participants who had sponsors and engaged in 12-step programs were more successful at staying abstinent than those who started a sobriety journey without outside support [1]. At daily 12-step meetings, Design for Recovery residents build friendships and connections to people throughout the Los Angeles recovery community. Many take on sponsors, or more experienced sober individuals who have finished working through the 12-steps, who help them navigate the difficult terrain of early sobriety. These relationships, like the relationships residents make inside their sober living home, will continue to be an invaluable resource even years after graduating from Design for Recovery. As a sobriety coach and companion, we can help you explore who you are, as well as identify core values and what you truly enjoy doing without drugs or alcohol. If you continue to struggle with staying sober, have been involved with 12 step, or have been through a treatment program, we can be a positive companion as you begin your life of sobriety, through sober coaching.

Families are extremely important when it comes to the recovery process. Our goal is to help mend these torn relationships with the help of our companions. Our Sober Coaches are all in recovery themselves who also all have multiple years of sobriety.

Enlightenment on the Benefits of Mentorship

Even life itself cannot force you to get sober – until death takes you. It’s on you to get sober and stay sober – but there’s more to sobriety than taking step for step on a lonely road. It’s practical, positive + the support you need to stop drinking + create a life you love without alcohol. Clients have more success when they are immersed in a loving community. We highly encourage our coaching clients to connect with our community by attending meetings and social outings when they can.

  • I had little support – my parents live a long way away and we knew no-one in the new town.
  • After your stay in residential rehab, did you worry about returning home?
  • When we stop drinking, we often find ourselves unsure of who we really are, who we are going to be and how we fit into the new world around us.
  • I specialize in working with women like you, with full calendars and overflowing to-do lists, who are doing ALL THE THINGS and then coming home and drinking to forget about all the things.

Those in early recovery are particularly vulnerable to relapse because they have spent far longer in active addiction than in sobriety. Adjusting to life outside of rehab can be a complex, difficult transition for many. Small daily challenges may feel overwhelming and returning to one’s home can trigger the urge to use again. A sober coach provides reinforcement and support during this time, helping clients to navigate stressful situations that may have otherwise caused a full relapse.

Having a Sober Mentor During Substance Use Recovery

Anyone who is struggling with a substance abuse disorder should have as much support as possible as he or she moves through the recovery process. For this reason, whether you or someone you love is already moving down, has just started the path to recovery, or is currently dealing with an active addiction, Thrive Recovery & Wellness can help. Our sober coaches in Dallas, TX provide assistance to help these individuals live a healthy, happy, sober life. In addition, we ensure that no one has to move through the recovery process alone.

sober mentoring

Women’s rites of passage are key times for many of us to experience mental health challenges and increased alcohol use. Motherhood is one of these when, even if we have support,  we can become depleted and overwhelmed. Love Sober will support you through every stage of your sober journey.

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