we are ByMATILDA


We are opposites that complement eachother.
We are lifelong friends.
We love bespoke weddings.
We adore the Algarve, Alentejo and Lisbon.
We are fun loving girls
We are an unique team.
We love to create charm and wonder.
We are blessed with the fantastic weather of Portugal.
We are wedding planners.
We are your Wedding Friend.

- Filipa & Sara -


Founder, Creative, Wedding Manager and Coordinator. 

Loves the cold, warm jackets and the fire place. Can’t resist chocolate and pop-corns. Addicted to sports and the fashion world. Absolutly loves to organize. Loves to plan and loves parties!

Founder, Webdesigner, Wedding Manager and Coordinator. 

Loves the summer, warm weather and discover new places. Can’t resist sushi and cheese. Addicted to delicious food and is a photography enthusiast. Absolutely loves to organize. Loves to plan and loves parties!

our values


We believe persuing our dream and making yours come to life it’s only possible with:

Transparency and Trust 100%
Dedication and Commitment 100%
Passion and Love 100%
Elegance and Charm 100%
Friendship and Proximity 100%

why choose ByMATILDA?


Your Wedding Friend

We are with you every step of the way. Your confident who knows every detail of your wedding and who you can trust.

Bespoke add-ons

Make your special day one of a kind. We offer a vast selection of bespoke add-ons to keep your friends and family amazed and your photos truly memorable!

Stress free flow

From saying yes to saying I do, we'll make sure you get hitched without any hitches. Everything will run smoothly.

No detail is too small

We know for a wedding to be perfect all the details need to fit nicely together.

Tailor made

We do what you want. Like you your wedding should be unique.

always available

Your ideas can change. We will always be there for you.

keep it a surprise

Your bestfriends are always a good source of advise but we know how much you want your day to be a surprise for your family and friends.

Budget matters

We care about your budget and will help you stay on track. Save time and money.

Relax and follow us

Get in touch with us, share some of your ideas and we’ll schedule a first meeting to discuss the details.