Who are we?


Two friends who have meet in university and after following different professional paths have never separated. Filipa is a pharmacist, Is 30 years old, was born in Faro and lived there until going to college. At 17 she packed her bags towards Lisbon. Sara has a different path, was born in Torres Vedras, graduated in biomedical engineering, but her love for travelling took her for 5 years to Dubai to work in one of the major airlines. She is now 31 years old. The two together filled up with courage and dedication and went on pursuit of their dream and CREATED ByMATILDA.

her history

Our passion at it’s highest and the perfect timming were the essencial ingredients for ByMATILDA to be born. Sara ‘s return from Dubai and the success of Filipa’s own wedding filled us up with strenght and courage. Without fears we created our portuguese brand for planning and organizing weddings and events. Our families believe in us and our friends knew ByMatilda was inevitable. She symbolizes a woman that unifies and represents us in elegance, strenght, genuinity and inspiration.

ByMatilda is your Event & Wedding Friend. She desires to do things differently and to create unique experiences to make your dreams a reality.

Creator of bespoke moments of elegance, detail and emotion. Let her show you the way.

Our Values

We believe persuing our dream and making yours come to life it’s only possible with:

Transparency and Trust 100%
Dedication and Commitment 100%
Passion and Love 100%
Elegance and Charm 100%
Friendship and Proximity 100%

Our team

Founder, Creative, Wedding Manager and Coordinator. 

Loves the cold, warm jackets and the fire place. Can’t resist chocolate and pop-corns. Addicted to sports and the fashion world. Absolutly loves to organize. Loves to plan and loves parties!

Founder, Webdesigner, Wedding Manager and Coordinator. 

Loves the summer, warm weather and discover new places. Can’t resist sushi and cheese. Addicted to delicious food and is a photography enthusiast. Absolutely loves to organize. Loves to plan and loves parties!

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What if planning your wedding was as easy as sending us a message? ByMATILDA will make it happen 🙂

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